Thursday, March 6, 2008

Enabling APC for PHP CLI scripts

Include the following lines in the php.ini script corresponding to the one used by PHP for running CLI scripts:

apc.enabled = On

apc.enable_cli = 1

Don't forget that the initialization file for the CLI operation of PHP is most probably different than the one used with Apache.

Using Google Alerts as Forum Notification method

One irritant on the WEB I found a solution for: have you ever posted questions or comments to a site that didn't include automatic email notification when the question/comment got feedback? It happens to me all the time.

Google Alerts to the rescue!

I now use GoogleAlerts to track my whereabouts on the WEB. The usage pattern is simple: just form the habit of always signing your post with a distinctive mark and set an alert on this mark. With my name, this is easy as it is not so common.

Greasemonky Quick Search

I have to sift through countless RSS feeds all day seeking more information based on keywords I find. I wanted to automate the process just a bit so I devised a GreaseMonkey Firefox user script.

Usage is simple: just select the text to search and press " alt c " which will automatically bring-up the result page on Google Search.

One can find the script here on