Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chrome Extension: Auto-Reload

IMPORTANT:  I've sold this extension. I no longer maintain it.

I've crafted an extension for Google Chrome: Auto-Reload. The extension enables automatic interval based page reloading.
This capability can be useful when developing web applications or just for the anxious folks waiting for a reply on a forum...
The extension can be installed by following this link (Chrome Gallery). Usage is simple: just press the "blue" button in the address bar to enable auto-reloading (the button will turn green when enabled). For more information, follow the extension's link to the gallery.

UPDATED: This extension is now hosted on the Google Chrome Gallery. Follow the above link.
UPDATED: The extension's project code home page is now located on GitHub at this link.
UPDATED:  The work currently on my plate for this extension can be viewed here.

UPDATED: The latest version information can be found on the extension's page here.

Latest Release: 7.6

  • Includes "per-URL" customization: uses the "context-menu" available through right-click

Release: 6.6

  • Sticky Mode : keep auto-reload status across page close
    • Allows a page configured as "Chrome Application" to auto-reload continuously
    • Use the "Create Application Shortcuts" menu item to configure 
  • Timeout & Randomize manual value editing (i.e. not only with "slider")
Suggestions Welcome!