Thursday, February 19, 2009

First contact with Microsoft Azure

I got my LiveID invitation code 2days ago so I decided to invest 15minutes evaluating Azure. I am already pretty familiar with Google AppEngine having developed my own Web site on it but since I am striving to be "technology agnostic", I needed to investigate Microsoft Azure PaaS.

Revision Control
My first shock was to learn that SVN integration does not exist with Microsoft Visual Studio. I wonder how Microsoft developers handle this critical activity. This process must be addressed but I do not know how, being a Microsoft .NET newbie.

It appears as though the VS environment automates the creation of the CS file ( akin to a Java WAR file it seems ). But the kicker: one must go through the web portal to upload the file to the Azure fabric... a tedious process to say the least compared to the "one click" AppEngine deployment made possible through some simple scripting in Eclipse.

I'll surely follow the "Hello World" tutorial and hopefully get a better feel for Azure in the coming weeks.