Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chrome Extension: Stackoverflow Tweaks

For those adept of Stackoverflow, the following extension provide tweaks to the web site. For version 0.1, the questions associated with ignored tags are rendered hidden.

The extension is available for installation through this link.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chrome Extension: Auto-Reload

IMPORTANT:  I've sold this extension. I no longer maintain it.

I've crafted an extension for Google Chrome: Auto-Reload. The extension enables automatic interval based page reloading.
This capability can be useful when developing web applications or just for the anxious folks waiting for a reply on a forum...
The extension can be installed by following this link (Chrome Gallery). Usage is simple: just press the "blue" button in the address bar to enable auto-reloading (the button will turn green when enabled). For more information, follow the extension's link to the gallery.

UPDATED: This extension is now hosted on the Google Chrome Gallery. Follow the above link.
UPDATED: The extension's project code home page is now located on GitHub at this link.
UPDATED:  The work currently on my plate for this extension can be viewed here.

UPDATED: The latest version information can be found on the extension's page here.

Latest Release: 7.6

  • Includes "per-URL" customization: uses the "context-menu" available through right-click

Release: 6.6

  • Sticky Mode : keep auto-reload status across page close
    • Allows a page configured as "Chrome Application" to auto-reload continuously
    • Use the "Create Application Shortcuts" menu item to configure 
  • Timeout & Randomize manual value editing (i.e. not only with "slider")
Suggestions Welcome!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Erlang DBus Client Interface Library

When working on Linux, it is hard to ignore DBus for communicating with applications around the Desktop. Since I love Erlang so much, I wanted the capability to interface with DBus through Erlang scripts and/or applications hence I crafted an interface library.

The project in question is available at Erlang-DBus on GoogleCode. Note that the Erlang Port API library is also required: EPAPI.