Friday, February 13, 2009

Cloud Computing Mind Map

I invite anybody wishing to share their knowledge of the Cloud Computing market to edit (click the MindMeister image on the bottom righthand side of the map or here) the following wikimap:

Update: I'd like to thank Jim Dowson ( linkedin profile ) for his extended contribution!
Update 2: I would suggest collaborators complete their Skype profile when registering with MindMeister: this facilitates group discussion. Thanks!


  1. Jean Lou,

    You're missing Windows Azure in your PAAS overview

  2. Thanks Peter! I have applied your suggested change.

  3. Hi Jean-Lou,

    Great mind-map. I added my company, Appistry, but also wanted to share a couple of organizational thoughts (cross-posed from a comment on Rachel Chalmers' blog):

    I tend to first split things up along layers (application , platform, infrastructure) and within each layer–platform and infrastructure in particular–I split things into hosted and "enterprise" varieties.

    Hosted Infrastructure ==> Amazon, GoGrid, Rackspace,…

    Enterprise Infrastructure ==> Citrix/Xen, VMware, Virtual Iron,…

    Hosted Platforms ==> Google AppEngine, Microsoft Azure,,…

    Enterprise Platforms ==> Appistry, 3tera, Gigaspaces,…

    The main difference between infrastructure-focused players and platforms is that with infrastructure the focus is on virtual machines and with platforms the focus is on applications, e.g. the platforms "abstract away" the infrastructure. I wrote some of this up back in December in a post called Cloud Taxonomy: Applications, Platform Infrastructure.

    What do you think? Does this organization scheme make sense?

  4. Hi Sam,

    Adding a business layer to the hierarchy sounds appropriate. I'll weave it in when I get a chance.

    Thanks for the suggestion

  5. I'd like to propose that we move
    1) Cloud Types (Cube Dimensions)
    2) Cloud Abstraction Points

    to a different map.

    It doesn't help classify 'players' but it is useful for other cloud infrastructure discussions.


  6. Good suggestion @ jimmyd. Look under "Related WikiMaps" now.

  7. I think another natural order that may be emerging is along the lines of

    1) players that make pieces for one to build Cloud Services
    2) players that provide enabling Cloud Services (PaaS, IaaS)
    4) players that provide end-user SaaS (big separate map?)
    5) Community
    6) Other - to be classified
    7) things that don't belong but we're too polite to delete (yet)

    While it's good to have everyone add content anywhere
    (the creative process is a Good Thing(tm), if there is a disagreement,
    moving things to a staging area will avoid outright conflict
    while discussion can occur.

    I'd really like to work on the PaaS section, but I think these changes
    are needed first.


  8. @jimmyd: Agreed with most of your points. As you can see with the current map, I've started moving subjects to separate wikimaps.
    I believe the "Management" top level point is also there to stay.

    Folks: don't forget to register your Skype account with MindMeister to help the collaboration process :-)

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